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If you’re going through a bad time right now, this saying is for you.

Can you look back on your life and examine any time where it seemed as if everything was falling apart but things ended up being better than they ever were before. During the crisis you thought that your world was ending and you’d never be happy or have anything again. But, often, after months or even years, you’re happy again. What’s up? How did that happen? Somehow you made it through the rough times and were able to make the most of the situation. As you were experiencing it, you were able to express to the Universe what you really wanted, put emotion into it and the Universe delivered.

Often when you are faced with dire circumstances, your brain waves get you going in the direction of yelling out (figuratively and often literally) what you really want. This is in contrast to the moping and concentrating on the lack in your life. You turn the corner, even if it’s for just a few seconds and shout it out that you want abundance – abundance of whatever you’re missing (love, friendship, peace of mind, money, work, etc). In that moment, you are concentrating on the good and stating what you want. Believe me when I say that the Universe listens when you put all that emotion into it. It perks up because it’s hearing something different from you and it immediately begins to “fill your order”. It begins working to bring you what you really want. Often, that moment in time is a turning point for you and you may not even realize it. You’re able to make it through all the bad times because you’ve realized (even it only subconsciously) that you don’t want the bad stuff, but you want the good stuff. Now that is what you’re going for – and you vow to not quit until you get that. If you can hold that focus, then you’re all set. The Universe will bring it to you pretty quickly (remember the Law of Gestation, though. Everything has it’s own time to come to you).

Try to remember this when you are considering going back into the slump you were in before. Remember to reach for a better feeling thought. That doesn’t mean you have to be PollyAnna but you can just try to think something a bit better. This is where diversion is often helpful for getting to that better feeling thought. You can also remember that the Universe will bring you what you’re asking for and if you continually vacillate from wanting the positive to lamenting your lack, then the Universe is like a warehouse attendant that takes something off the shelf to fulfill an order and then has to put it back up there when the order is changed. And on and on.

Keep the “ordering” process in mind no matter how bad things get and adamantly state what you want – and what you really do deserve!


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