Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1Impatience is a sign of hurrying, hurrying is a sign of worrying, worrying is a sign of fear, and fear is a sign that someone has temporarily forgotten that it’s never too late to change their thoughts and, therefore, their ‘things.'”

It’s funny how the Universe likes to play ping-pong with us, trying to get us to slow down and pay attention. It bounces a ball toward us and  if we don’t “get it” and make an appropriate move, it repeats the same motion – only this time in a different direction. It behooves us to realize that we are being sent a message and stop in order to process what the message is. I can tell you from experience that if you don’t slow down (stop hurrying) and listen up, more “stuff” will be sent your way. It’s as if the Universe is realizing that it has to hit you over the head to get you to realize that you’re missing something.

When we feel calm, there should be no worry or fear. If you make vows to change your thoughts, then you’ll be able to slow down.  Remember the law of gestation, though. You have to realize that some changes take more time than others and there is not much you can do about that. But the one thing you have to do is NOT give up because whatever you’re looking for didn’t happen to come your way in the exact time frame you want. That’s where many people go wrong. They give up too soon. Your job is just to change your thoughts and keep your vibration on the right plane so matter how long it takes. Do NOT question the amount of time that seems to go by without the results you’re hoping for.

For the past almost 5 months now I have been focused on NOT being able to run. Even with my experience in metaphysics I didn’t realize what I was doing. First, I was creating more lack (lack of running ability) so, of course, my body couldn’t heal properly to get me back out there. Secondly, my inappropriate focus was bringing more problems that I couldn’t figure out. At least I was savvy enough to know that there was some message in all of this but for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out that message. Until this past week when many things seemed to come down at one time.

As a result of a very scary week, I finally realized that I was bringing all this stuff into my life. I also realized what’s important to me – helping other people is my main purpose in life. That can be done in several ways but I must concentrate on that. And since I want to be able to help others, I have to be healthy. So, I have to change my thoughts and feelings to align with health. I was not doing that. I was too “worried” and “impatient” about what WASN’T happening in my life.

Things change and I know that “everything always works out for me”. I just have to stop trying to be in control of everything (i.e. the timeline for my recovery). Always remember the Law of Gestation in conjunction with the Law of Attraction. People don’t usually talk about the other Universal Laws. That is a mistake. The Law of Attraction is not the only law. Everything has to be in concert when you’re working with the laws.

Is there anything going on in your life that is trying to send you a message? Have you stopped to figure out what that message is? Why don’t you try it – especially as we come toward the end of the year. What has happened in your life this year and what has it been trying to tell you?



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