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As you continue working on your 2015 inventory, think about this saying. I know it’s had meaning for me. But, I have to believe that things are falling into place even when I can’t see what that place is.  I think that’s the problem. We always want to be able to see what’s coming up so we can decide if it’s what we want or not…That’s kind of funny as I write it. That approach is NOT one of faith, nor does it say we have much confidence in our ability to work with the Law of Attraction.

This saying fits quite well with “Everything always works out for me” because if I know that everything is always going to work out for me, then I know that no matter what is happening, it is for the good. It is falling into place. It may not be a place I predicted but remember that when we place our order we should NOT be outlining – outlining is telling the Universe how we want something to occur. Our job is just to “place our order” and then let the Universe find the best way to deliver it. Often times, we don’t do a very good job of “placing our order” – maybe this is  a good time to briefly review what you have to do to get the order actually placed in the Universal Catalog.

  • Decide what it is you actually want. Sometimes this is easier to do by simply listing what you don’t want and then describing the opposite. Make sure that it resonates with you deep inside.
  • Be specific about what you want – go into great detail (this is one of the reasons I’m having you write your script for next year – so you can list the details). For example, you can’t just say you want a “lasting relationship” or an “intimate relationship” because you could have either of those with an abusive criminal or someone who hates everything you like.
    • Write out the specifics and go into the greatest detail you can.
    • Always end with “this or something better”
  • Read the list over again and make sure it’s really what you want.
  • Do NOT allow yourself to be swayed. When you do that, you’ll never get what you want.
  • Do NOT doubt that you’ll get what you’ve asked for – no matter how long it seems to take (remember the Law of Gestation).

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