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christmas is 2

This is a follow-on from yesterday’s post. But it definitely bears repeating. I love to follow this philosophy every day of the year but this is a great time to start practicing it in preparation for the coming year.

What is something small you can do today that will be a bit extra and help someone? You know, it could be just talking to someone for a bit longer than usual – making them realize that someone else in the world knows they exist. I always remember the movie (sorry I can’t remember the name but it might be “switch” where the guy has an accident and can hear everything that’s going on in other people’s minds. And he accidentally bumps into a young girl who is carrying supplies that tumble all over. He stops and helps and she is so impressed that he even notices her. Later he just “knows” something is going on with her and his actions prevent her from killing herself. It was something simple but it made her feel as if someone cared about her. You have no idea what your kinds words might do for another person.

Spend a little more time writing letters or thank you notes. You don’t have to receive something to write a thank you note. Did you ever think of that? Just write a thank you note for someone being in your life. For them being your friend or still liking you even though you’re family (sort of a joke).

What extra thing can you do for someone today…and tomorrow and every day after that? Remember to journal all that you do. It will be great to help you when you try to chronicle your year next year!

Have  a great holiday week and be safe!


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