Momentum Monday

momentum-monday1 Starting a new feature called “Momentum Monday”.

Begin your week this week by paying attention to your momentum. Your momentum and your vibrations go hand in hand. And sometimes once you’ve gained momentum it’s very difficult to stop it – that can be good if you’re on a really positive, upbeat roll so to speak.

However, if you’ve begun on a downward spiral of momentum, ride it out (but don’t continue to add to i) and it will be over – at that point you can start over and create your own positive momentum.  Consider meditating or even taking a nap to end the downward movement of that type of momentum.

Think of things you love and talk to yourself about your feelings regarding them. For example, if I want to improve my momentum I’ll start thinking about one of my races that was very enjoyable and where I met great people – I would probably pick the Valentine’s Day Ultra or the 6 day race from last December. I would talk to myself about how much fun I had, how great it was to be outside for 6 days, what terrific people I met, how I met my goal mileage and how I felt about it and continue on.

The Universe responds to our vibrations and our vibrations are a product of our momentum.

When you catch yourself gaining (or preferably when you start) momentum, you can change it if you catch it early enough. Try to move to another “Momentum disc” (a spinning disc works for a visual – as if you’re standing on that disc and floating along. Stop talking and feeling about the things you do NOT want more of. Get your momentum going on the things you do want more of.

Til next Monday – comment below if you like Momentum Mondays.


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