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You will sometimes find that, when you have used the law of command and have not yet gotten the desired results, perhaps you have been too gentle in your use of words. Trying to use gentle methods on glaring, ungentle appearances of poverty and failure is as ineffective as trying to speak English to a Frenchman who does not understand English. There is no communication or contact made.

One doctor had been trying to prove that God was the source of her supply for about two years. It was finally revealed to her that she had not used the law of command. She had not made the positive  assertion of prosperity. She then began affirming “It is done. God is now manifested as my supply.” This thought proved to be her deliverance from poverty and never again did she have a financial need that was not met.

Most of us have been human pygmies when we might have been spiritual giants, had we dared to command God’s good to manifest as He empowered us to do.

Merely knowing about the power of prosperous thinking is not enough. You must put it into action. The daily use of positive statements help you to do that.

It is good to have at least one other person use the power of affirmative command with you, especially when situations do not seem to respond immediately to your own commands. Be sure that it is someone that is in agreement with you, with what you are trying to accomplish and that that person believes in the same techniques as you.

Catherine Ponder and her secretary often affirmed for the perfect results of their work day “This is at time of Divine completion, the finished works of Divine Love and wisdom appears this day.”

She and her bookkeeper affirmed for her financial ministry “This is a time of Divine completion. The finished results of Divine substance and supply now appear.”

She and her board of directors would affirm for the entire ministry “God’s kingdom is come and God’s supreme good will is now done in every phase of this ministry.” (You can change that to “family”, “relationships”, “marriage”, “business”, etc)

Again, I urge you to try this.


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