More on “The Tire”

It’s amazing how the Universe works!

When I went to get my bad tire fixed, it turns out that all four of my tires have “Texas Dry Rot” (I added the “Texas”) and needed replacement. So after investing over $1000 (for tires and brake work), I am back on the road and safe again.

Noticed I used the word “investing” instead of “spending”. “Spending” has a negative connotation to me and although at this time in our lives “investing” may not be much better (and might actually be the same…smile), I feel that this gives me a positive feeling about the process and therefore about my new tires.

You can bet I’ve written a lot in my gratitude journal about this. If you’ve ever driven in Texas, you’ll know that not only is it the “Truck state” it’s also the “I just thought that the speed limit sign was there for decoration” state.  I drove over 600-700 miles last weekend on these really bad tires. The Universe took care of me – as it always has I will add.  And even on Tuesday when I had the flat, it was not on the highway going fast – it was just after the turn onto a side road.

You have to change the way you look at things – and in conjunction with that, the way you feel about things. This event has exposed me to many interesting things to think upon. And, as usual, I have learned more about the practical side of life!

Praise whatever happens to you and see what parallels you can find.


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