More Secrets of Tithing

More Secrets of Tithing

The ancients knew intuitively that giving, sharing and putting God first financially was the first step to permanent, enduring prosperity.  Tithing was a household word in Bible times, and over and over their sharing of the tenth brought them peace, power and plenty. They gave, not the last and the least but the first and the best – their giving made them rich. They felt that their tithing practices not only prospered them but protected them from the negative experiences of life. Their acts of giving were occasions of celebration.

Here’s a story from Catherine Ponder’s “The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity”.

 A Woman in Oklahoma – “When I began to tithe in faith the small amount I had, the first thing I noticed was that the chronic car repair bills ceased. Money not only began to flow in unexpectedly, but new business opportunities also prospered me. Also, the quality of my life improved so that I now enjoy a harmonious lifestyle. Another surprise has been that a longstanding health problem no longer plagues me. It simply disappeared.”

Just as the farmer returns one-tenth of his seed for soil enrichment, so does impersonal giving and sharing, open the way to enriched living on all levels of life to anyone who faithfully practices it.

Another story:

A person in Missouri: “I am grateful to have learned of the power in tithing. I have friends who have studied along inspirational and/or metaphysical lines for years. Yet they continue to struggle financially because they refuse to tithe. I have other friends who are studying along these same lines whom I have been able to introduce to the practice of tithing, and they no longer “strain and strive”. instead they “tithe and thrive”.

It’s been said that the person who takes up the practice of tithing will have at least six surprises:

1) He will be surprised at the amount of money he has to give to God’s work.

2) He will be surprised at the wisdom and good judgment tithing gives him in using the remaining nine-tenths of his income.

3) He will be surprised at the ease with which he can meet his financial obligations.

4) He will be surprised at the deepening of his prosperity consciousness.

5) He will be surprised at how easily he can go from one tenth to larger giving.

6) He will be surprised at himself for not having adopted the tithing plan sooner!

I can tell you from personal experience that starting to tithe made all the difference in my entire life, not just my financial prosperity.


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2 thoughts on “More Secrets of Tithing

  1. Great article Terrie! Thanks for sharing. I can’t even say that I have come across many blogs on the subject. It was very enlightening to see it on your blog.

    Have a peaceful and restful weekend
    Lydia Hall

  2. Thanks Lydia! I appreciate it. Often times there aren’t blogs on it because people can make it both controversial and/or too "religious" rather than spiritual or even just a "fact of life" (a prosperous life)