Move Toward Your Goal

More on the positive mental attitude! Remember that this is what we’re trying to keep forefront in our minds this month. Read as much as you can about the Positive Mental Attitude.

Move Toward Your Goal
The First Building block of a Positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude is something you cannot acquire in any manner whatsoever except by building it, step by step, through your own conscious decision. The very first building block out of which you may shape a positive mental attitude is the habit of moving with definiteness and purpose toward your goal.

If you don’t know yet what you desire from life, if it is still a hazy, changeable, unnamed goal, you should define it. Without a purpose, without adequate plans for the fulfillment of whatever goal you may have, your mind is left wide open to negative, lazy mental attitudes. Successful men and women are those who set a positive goal, plan the means by which they expect to achieve that goal, and set out a timetable for the achievement of their goal. Right now, while it is fresh in your mind, write down a clear outline of everything you desire within a definite length of time, perhaps for the next five years.

Write down the amount of income you desire and an equally clear statement of what you intend to give to earn this income, since there is no such reality as something for nothing. The statement should name the amount you intend to acquire each week, each month and each year.

Write a complete description of the sort of home you desire to live in and, if possible, an architect’s plan of the building. Post it where you can see it daily. Note the approximate amount of money you intend to put into the home.

Write a description of the automobile or automobiles you desire to drive.  Clip a picture of the car you desire, and keep it on your desk.

If you are not married, write a description of the person you desire as a mate. Include a detailed outline of every trait of character, every habit, and every physical quality you wish your mate to possess. then list the traits of character and other qualifications you have or intend to acquire to entitle you to the sort of mate you have described. Remember, the sacred partnership of marriage is a two way street and both parties are entitled to an equal share of the road.

Make a list of how you intend to use the twenty-four hours of time you have at your disposal each day. You have approximately three periods of eight hours each – one period is devoted to sleep, one to your business, profession, or calling, and the third, a period of “free time”, can be used as you please.

Write out a description of your occupation, business, or professional calling. Then select the most successful person you know in a related field or similar position, and make up your mind to become as successful as he- or more- within a given length of time.

Set aside one hour of your eight hours of “free time” each day, and devote it entirely to reading that will inspire you to keep your mind positive. Your reading material should be related to your occupation or in some way help you with your career.

Last, but perhaps most important, express a prayer of gratitude at least twice daily, just before retiring at night and just after rising in the morning, for the blessings you now possess as well as for the things you expect to attain in the future. As you pray, picture in your mind all your goals and desire, and pray that when you attain them you will remember to be as fervent in gratitude.

From: Napoleon Hill; Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion

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