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starting over


As part of your creating new beginnings you may be having to start some things over. This can be very discouraging. Somehow, though, you have to find a way to overcome this discouragement and keep going.

Take my case for example. I was out of running for 5 1/2 months after my Tennessee Trek and the resultant medical issues I had from that and then just to complete “the Year of the Doctor” (you know  – like the year of the Rat I have named 2015 as the year of the doctor since I spent so much time there).  So finally, in the past week I’ve been able to get back out there on the road again to try to build up some endurance.

It’s been extremely discouraging – first this, then that, then something else and on and on. And all that in one week. But, you see, that’s the key, it’s just been one week. In this time of fast living a day seems like an eternity. But if I put things into perspective, then I realize that it isn’t a long time. And I just need to persevere.

I am also finally willing to listen to my body and realize that at every moment it is trying to communicate with me. My job is to listen. I must confess that I have not been a very good listener all these years. Even though I don’t feel as if I used those 5 1/2 months of down time productively, I am also willing to entertain whether or not that meant I needed to rest my mind as well as my body. Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we’re older and/or maybe are pushing our bodies too hard. I refused to really listen as 2015 progressed although I did receive strong messages early in the year. The body is so wonderful though. It does not give up sending messages- until you listen. So now my job is to try to translate the messages I get and do so accurately as the year progresses. The key is to listen as time goes on and not wait for a major event.

Next thing to do is to use your memory. I remember what it was like when I first started running. I was disappointed with my inability to run very far without stopping so I made a vow to work til I could run to the end of the block (.35 mile) without stopping. If I remember that time and finally being able to do it, then it makes this time easier because the vow is still embedded in my mind.

Speaking of being embedded in my mind, there is also the persistence factor. I remember that I had to be persistent to get what I wanted, whether it was running or getting into medical school. You just have to keep on going.  You will get there and will feel more accomplished when you have achieved your goal.

Enjoy the ride. This is so important to me. I teach people in my “What’s in Your Weigh” Coaching Program to live in the now and to not say “when I lose weight, then I’ll be happy”. You can be happy now. I have to apply the same concepts here. I am able to be out there and see progress some days and some days not. But I’m out there enjoying the environment, the movement, the thoughts that are going through my mind, etc. It’s all part of a wonderful life.

I also have learned to be realistic. If I can’t end up doing the distances I could before (even though I still want to do Tennessee again this starting overyear), I can do something and something is much better than nothing. That makes me feel happy. I have learned to enjoy the moment and the progress I do make, even if it’s not what I really would like. Part of the being realistic is recognizing my age. This is not “giving in to” my age or giving up. It’s simply knowing that things slow down and may take a bit longer to achieve as I get older. So I’m willing to give it more time.

This is an interesting one. I have to be proud of starting over. It would be easy to just give up and do something else. But that desire to do this thing (in my case it’s running) will continue to burn within.

Stop being ashamed. I see people around me who are really running while I trot or jog or walk. I feel they are making fun of me. So, then I kick myself and I just remember that I am out there at least and they don’t know (nor do they have to know) what I’ve been going through these past 5 months.  I’m not there to impress anyone else and I really don’t care what they think about me. I am there for myself and my health and enjoyment.

Take it slow. I have to continually realize that pushing it has been the problem in the past. But I was forced to miss my two favorite ultras this past fall and I survived even though it was painful. I can go to them this year if I can take it slow and not injure myself again. This is probably part of listening to my body but for other situations, taking it slow is a separate step. However, it’s an extremely important step.  It’s kind of like eating – if you slow down and pay attention to what you’re eating, you’ll learn to love and enjoy the flavors more. If you just scarf your food down, then, not only is it not digested well, you’ve missed a wonderfully enjoyable experience. And you’ve created a chronic stress state for yourself as well.  Living in a chronic stress state is not good for any of us and if we can slow down, we’ll do much better and all of the negative effects of stress will diminish. So, try it for awhile, slow down and don’t try to conquer the world in one setting.

Hopefully these things will help you if you’re having to start over. They helped me.






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