Next Step – Getting Specific

Now that you’ve picked the one (or maybe two) primary desires for 2013 you need to get specific about them.

1) Break down that one goal/desire into the various components. This may take you some time because it’s not something you’re used to doing but it’s a vital part of the planning process. Let’s take weight loss just as an example.

A couple of days ago when you were writing down your desires you may have simply listed “lose weight”. Now (once you’re sure it’s your goal and not someone else’s) review the feelings and emotions that you also wrote down.

From this list of emotions you will probably see that the phrase “weight loss” is very vague. But maybe you’re afraid to put a number down because you’ve tried this before with a number and haven’t succeeded. So, here’s what you really want I’ll bet:

  • To look good
  • To look  and feel sexy
  • To be able to walk without huffing and puffing
  • To not be embarrassed at the gym or even in your neighborhood
  • To have more energy and not be tired all the time
  • etc…..

What’s really your goal? Not a certain number of pounds but how you want to feel and then what it takes to get there. It’s your ultimate outcome. What are you really after?

Say you put down that you want a different job. Why? What is it you really want?

  • More money?
  • Less travel time for commute?
  • Better hours?
  • More pleasant working relationships?
  • Better boss?
  • More excitement?
  • More responsibility?
  • More freedom?
  • More chance to move up?
  • What?

See what I mean about getting specific? Break it down. Find out what you really want.

2) Then list the components of this specific goal.  If it’s an object, it’s pretty easy – let’s take a car. Write down:

  • What make?
  • What color?
  • What size – compact, sedan, SUV?
  • What kind of audio system?
  • What type of warranty?
  • What gas mileage?
  • How many seats?
  • New/used?
  • Get very specific

What about weight loss? Let’s say your ultimate goal is to be able to exercise without pain or trouble breathing. How will we get specific with this one? From your inventory you know that you can walk about a quarter of a mile now before you get out of breath. So the components of this could be listed as:

  • Be able to walk 0.3 mile without getting out of breath
  • Be able to walk 0.3 mile without pain.
  • Be able to walk 0.5 mile without being out of breath.
  • Be able to walk 0.5 mile without pain.
  • To purchase a new pair of sweatpants, shorts, or top one size smaller
  • and so on

See how you break this down into achievable sections. Notice that none of these say anything about a specific number of pounds lost. That’s because the number of pounds lost is NOT really the ultimate goal. To be able to exercise without pain or trouble breathing does not necessarily require a specific number of pounds lost. It requires increased cardiovascular capability and increased joint strength and stability. There are various ways to achieve these. Undoubtedly you will take off weight but that is not the primary way to achieve your goal. But let’s say you found a magic way to lose 10 pounds by the weekend. That does not necessarily mean that you will be able to walk any further than you can now without breathing problems or joint pain. See how you’re really after an ultimate result, not necessarily the removal of certain pounds.

Take the time to sort through this and then make a nice long list where you’ve broken down the goal into multiple components.

This is step 3 – have at it now!




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