No Matter What Happens Declare It Good

People are prone to thinking the worst about things that happen unless they are perfect. We tend to look at flaws more than we look at the beauty that is mixed with the flaws. You can change your life and your emotional well-being simply by declaring everything that happens good. Let me show you.

No matter what happens simply say “I declare this good, I see the good coming out of it.” Keep saying this over and over and you will soon begin to believe it. Remember that you create your own life and situations. So, if you continue to condemn everything, you will simply get more of the bad stuff. No one really wants that but to respond negatively to things has become our way of life. Look at the News – how much good stuff do they report? Not much. They are simply into “blood and guts”.

Give yourself a little challenge with the news. It is usually best to not watch the news especially while you are training yourself to think and talk differently. But, this is fun to do if you discipline yourself for it. Watch the news one night (this is easier than reading the newspaper but you can use that too). Every “bad” or “doomsday” story they put out should be followed in your head with “That is not my truth. I declare this good and I definitely see the good coming out of it.” See how you feel after you’ve done this for the entire one-half hour or hour show that you’re watching. Your energy level will have soared instead of plummeting.

The Law of Supply and Demand works hand in hand with this technique because it will provide all the supply you need for any demand you have. Look what happened when we first started to experience problems with an oil shortage (or at least rapidly rising prices). The hybrid and electric cars were created. Someone looked at that situation and said “I declare it good” instead of sitting there going “oh no, what are we going to do?”. This has happened all throughout history in medicine and technology and any other field you investigate.

There was once a woman who had been married to a man for over 25 years and eventually found out that he had been cheating on her for the entire time. She was devastated naturally. But her faith got her through the situation and eventually she found the man of her dreams who took care of her in every way she ever wanted – much more than the one she had been married to. Of course, she could have lamented those 25 “wasted” years but that would have done absolutely no good since they can not be retrieved and the negative energy would crack the wonderful good happening in her life now.

Take your time and practice this. Keep at it. No matter what seems bad in your life simply say “I declare it good and I see the good coming out of it” and whenever it comes into your mind trying to bother you, repeat that phrase over and over again until you’re actually smiling. You’ll be amazed at your results.

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