Notice How Things Change Depending On Your Mood

change and moodChange, by definition, is a fluid response. So it shouldn’t be surprising that things seem to “change” as your mood changes. You look at everything from a different perspective depending on your moods.

If you’re in love, for instance, you can put up with many different seemingly adverse situations. Nothing can overcome the joy you’re feeling from your love. The same exact circumstances can seem absolutely devastating if you’re depressed and only able to put one foot in front of the other with immense effort. The circumstances are the exact same but your perspective on life (and therefore on the circumstances) is different based on your life situation.

So what? Well the “so what” is that this shows, once again, that you really are in charge of yourself and how you view changes. Often we feel that these changes are externally imposed on us (for example – you’re in the same job you’ve been in for years and now you have a new boss – that is something you didn’t control or have any input into). As such, the change has been outside of your control. BUT and this is the important part – HOW you respond to that change is totally up to YOU! You can be resistant, scared, upset, angry, etc. Or, you can be positive, happy, excited, etc. Your current mood will definitely impact how you respond and therefore how you “are” with the change.  You have a choice. You can choose to look at the change as a positive and good thing and the more you put into that feeling and thought, the more it will come true (remember that the Universe will bring you more of what you’re concentrating on).

I always try to put this concept in front of me when dealing with change – and believe me, in the military there are many more days filled with change than not. In order to keep from being constantly bombarded by the stress of this and wondering what’s going to happen, I use segment intending and pave my every day and every move with new people and new events. I orchestrate how I want things to go no matter who the players are. The Universe responds to this and you are not manipulating people, you’re just guiding how everything will happen regarding you and your response to whatever’s going on.

If change seems to be bothering you, ask yourself what your mood is now or what it was when the change started. Once you have figured that out, then you can go about changing how you’re looking at things now. Were you in pain, were you unhappy, tired, hungry, what? What was happening in your life? Can you honestly say that this did NOT influence your response to the change?

Try to look at the change as an opportunity for you to excel at segment intending and using the Law of Attraction. Figure out what vibrations you are emanating when you talk/think about this situation. Are they likely to bring more of what you want or more of what you don’t want? Ask yourself so many questions that you’re “questioned out”. Then look at the answers and see what your mood is and was. More importantly, figure out how you want to feel right now and how you can get there – remember that we’re just trying to get you to have a “better feeling thought” – just a tiny bit better will do for now and then you’ll build on that. How can you look at this situation differently? What good can you extract from it, no matter how small? Continue to do this until you feel a tiny bit better and then go from there. Write everything down so that you can revisit it the next time. The more you use this technique the more fun it is especially once you start to see the positive results from it.

Any change pending in your life right now?  If so, let us know how you’re feeling about it and what you’re going to do too!


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