Outlining Is For Documents

Ondont outline2e of the most common reasons I see that the Law of Attraction “doesn’t work” is that folks not only make decisions about what they want but also about HOW it’s to come to them.

You’ve heard the story Anne used to tell which so exemplifies this. There was a woman who would come into the church and tell Anne she needed $10,000 so she could have surgery for a medical issue she had. Anne would repeatedly tell her that she shouldn’t be asking for the money but should want health (notice it’s not “healing” – if you think of healing, then you are thinking about illness and focusing on the illness). She told the woman that the Universe would figure out how to deliver health to her. The woman kept insisting that she needed the money so she could have the surgery.

Several months went by and Anne didn’t see the woman until one day in a grocery store. She came running up to Anne and told her that she was healthier than ever. Anne asked what happened. The woman told her that a new doctor had come to town and had treated her with a new medication that had completely taken care of her problem. Anne is nice so she didn’t say “I told you so.”  The bottom line is that the Universe knew the best way to take care of the woman.

It’s so important that you put your energy into WHAT you want, not how it’s going to get here. That is called “outlining” and the Universe may have a much quicker and easier way to get you what you want. If you’ve specified the exact way you want something though, the Universe will try to provide that and it might actually take a lot longer than if you just let the Universe work its magical action.

That’s it for today. Just remember to stop after you’ve said what it is you want.


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