Pay Your Bills With JOY…

pay your bills with joyIt’s time to take a different look at your prosperity. We talked about this a few weeks ago when it was time for your taxes. But it’s pertinent all the time. We just need to expand our vision and get a bit out of our own little world.

If you want more prosperity, you have to feel prosperous. The best way to do that is to be thankful and joyful when you are paying your bills. You should write on the envelope “thank you” or “I am grateful for this statement”. If you use the word “bills”, it’s even more important that you feel deep gratitude. Why? Remember that your subconscious does not have a Merriam-Webster dictionary inside of it and does not know the difference between bills and bills – meaning the currency you carry around in your wallet and the pieces of paper that come from companies asking for money. Thus, the more gratitude and joy you bless both types of bills with, the more the Universe will bring prosperity back to you.

If you look beyond your wallet and bank account when you are responding to those statements (paying your bills), you’ll see how many people have been (and will be) positively affected by what you are now paying for. There are the people who worked hard to make the product (or provide the service) you purchased. You have helped them. Maybe this was a single mom who has 3 jobs and just barely making it from paycheck to paycheck. You have helped her and perhaps even bought a meal for her child. Then there are the folks who are sending you the statement. You know they don’t make a lot of money either. You have helped them with their income. And so on down the line. Try to imagine ALL the people you are helping by paying this one bill and be thankful that you are helping other folks even if you don’t know them. Imagine that you do know them and that you are there handing them the payment and seeing the smile and perhaps some tears on their faces.

Frequently we tend to only think of those in “power” who run the corporations that are “charging outrageous prices” etc. All that does is make the process painful for you and increases your despair, disappointment and resentment. I encourage you to look beyond all those “people in power” (PIPs). I don’t know about you but I work for a BIG power corporation (the government) and if people stopped paying what they are supposed to pay, I would not have an income. What about you? If you’re in business for yourself, it’s as bad or worse if others just didn’t want to pay the bills you send because they don’t think they “should”.

Try it for a few months. Bless your bills, write on them “Bless this bill and I’m grateful for this”, and visualize giving someone on the other end their money. Then pay the bill, smile and move on. In a short while this will be contagious and you’ll be blessing everything you pay for and you know what? You’ll start reaping the benefits. Gratitude is the strongest force in the Universe.



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