Perfect Your Attitudes Toward Work!

Perfect Your Attitudes Toward Work

We talked about learning how to discipline or perfect your attitudes and reactions towards work. Here are a few suggestions:

Your entire outlook may be wrong. You may resent everything and because of this you’re poison yourself with the thought of bitter injustice. Do you (or others around you) talk about how others are keeping you at the bottom? Do you (or others) go into detail about things that happened years ago and claim they are the reason you still haven’t succeeded? You may be in a rut because you haven’t made sufficient effort to move out of that rut.

Remind yourself that there is a divine plan for every life, a plan that will make man healthier, happier and more successful than he’s ever been. Declare this “The Divine Plan of my life now unfolds
step by step. I happily  recognize each phase of it, accept it in my present and future and let it show me how to make the most of my life.”

What Are You Doing About Dissatisfaction?

If you aren’t satisfied with your present circumstances, what are you doing to prepare yourself for better ones? Do you have a concrete goal in mind? Are you willing to spend your leisure time taking night courses or attending special lectures or reading particular books or engaging in constructive activities that would prepare you for greater success?

Instead, most people spend their time speaking in critical terms about their work, their associates, the boss and the world in general. They believe that by tearing down the other fellow, their own failures and dissatisfaction wont’ show quite so much. When you find yourself tempted to do that, change your thinking. Affirm “I do NOT condemn anything. The divine law of justice and freedom is at work for all, in all, through all, and i rejoice in this. Nobody or no set of circumstances can keep my God-given good away from me and I rejoice in this knowledge.”


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