Personal Initiative

More on the Qualities of a Successful Leader

You’ll remember in our post on the qualities of a successful leader, the first one was “personal initiative”.

I’d like to ask you what you’ve done, if anything, with that list and especially with the first quality.

You see, if you haven’t done anything except perhaps read the list, then either you think you have all the qualities already or you do not have much personal initiative. I’m not trying to get anyone riled up. I’m just trying to have you examine yourselves.

If you even printed out the list of qualities, that’s a step forward because that is taking the initiative. You know that if you didn’t print it out, in a few days you’d forget the post and finding it again would probably slip your mind.

Why don’t you print it out now, tape it to your computer or to a wall that you frequently look at. And consider this. Open up a journal either on the computer or on paper (you could even use the Gratitude Journal for that). Write down all the qualities on a separate page – then each day take a look at that quality and see how it applies to your current life and then how you would like it to apply.

You’ll be surprised at how your life changes bit by bit, day by day. You will absorb more of these qualities, you’ll be examining the world around you to see how others exemplify the qualities, and you’ll spot new opportunities for you to change the way you act.

Try this for a week. Take that initiative….See what happens. Write it down! Then tell us about it. Send an e-mail, write a comment. Change your life.

You’ll be glad you did. Remember to pick up and install the Gratitude Journal – your success will be multiplied many times over if you incorporate gratitude into your every day life.


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