Phrase of the Week

Are you using this phrase? Do you deny it when you hear others use it? You should be denying it all the time..



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2 thoughts on “Phrase of the Week

  1. This is awesome, Terrie! Thank you for putting a new way of thinking about money out there for the world to hear! After being interviewed by you, it’s a joy to see you on video. You’re a lot braver than me. I’m not quite ready to appear on camera. 🙂

    Is this the blog you’ll be using for the 30-day challenge?


  2. Melanie,
    thanks – i decided i had to be brave and it’s fun if i don’t think about it. This is my business and my life so i want to see if I can get information out to as many people as possible in whatever way i can. I really enjoy doing it too, especially when great people like you stop by and are so supportive.