Phrase of the Week

I’ll be this is a common phrase in your vocabulary or in that of those around you. Check it out! Then immediately eliminate it.


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2 thoughts on “Phrase of the Week

  1. Sooo true. Ok, lets change this around. "I feel strong enough to run a marathon". " I feel smart enough to become a successful internet marketer" Thanks for this powerful reminder about our words.
    I love your url. Many moons ago I conducted workshops called "Getting Unstuck" Also have a workbook called "Getting Unstuck for Christians Making Career Transitions" hope to market it online soon. Such a powerful concept. I wish you much continued success as you empower others.

  2. Thanks Rosie – I came up with this name for my business almost as quickly as I thought of having a business. It just seemed perfect. Pretty cool that you have had all those similar books and workshops. Like minded people have come together again.