Phrase of the Week!

I know that everyone reading this has heard this phrase – even those outside the U.S. What I hope, though, is that every time you hear it, you immediately say “that is not my truth…everything I do comes easily, quickly and efficiently” – say that over and over – always remember to use “that is not my truth”

Enjoy – and let us know what you think about this and maybe other phrases that represent limiting beliefs!


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2 thoughts on “Phrase of the Week!

  1. I love your counter-comment to the phrase, "no pain, no gain." If only people understood the hardships they bring on themselves by their negative words, thoughts and beliefs about themselves. As a psychotherapist, I hear negative comments everyday. Those who "get it" heal much faster and are less likely to return as a patient. To witness the turn around is a great privilage and joy.

  2. Mary – I’m sure you see evidence of all of these concepts in your practice and you can see how everything manifests itself. Thanks for letting us know about it.