Phrase of the Week

Here’s the first in our series of “Phrase of the Week” videos. Now this may be a bit different than most people expect. This is a “negative” phrase or set of words that seems to pervade our daily life. It’s a phrase we want to either eliminate or change around. It also reflects your inner belief systems so if the phrase rings a bell or you feel uncomfortable when you hear it, then it’s something you want to explore further. Hope you like it. Enter your comments below!

If you have other phrases you’d like to see on our list, enter it in the comment box.

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One thought on “Phrase of the Week

  1. Hi Terrie,
    What a great idea to illuminate us with the idea behind the phrases we use day -in and day-out! I am so glad you have told us about "I’m fed up", because I use that once in awhile too. I also use "I’m sick of this". I see the point now. We are making a bigger mess.
    I can understand that we feel frustration sometimes, and choosing the wrong words does exacerbate the situation. So my solution to that is to counter with a deep breath, and "Divine Order is in control of my life creating pefect results here and now. Another short but good one is "Vast improvement comes quickly in every phase of my life. Something glorious will happen to me today." These work for me, and they feel like I have put a dressing on a wound. Thank you for this video. You are doing a fantastic job Terrie.