Phrases To Avoid

phrases to avoidIt’s so important that we remember that whatever we say out loud and whatever we think immediately goes into our subconscious mind and can become part of our reality. Pay attention to this at this time of year when everyone is so busy and in such a hurry. Our stress levels elevate dramatically as do our tempers (translate that into having to slam on the brakes when someone pulls out in front of us to make a last minute turn into a shopping mall or when someone is texting while driving and weaving all over the place).

I know because I’ve been there. It’s so easy for our momentum to start to plummet once we start down that road. You can cancel the thought with “That is not my truth” but it’s better to spot the phrases you don’t want to say/think well ahead of time. These phrases are part and parcel of our everyday life but if you think about them and your reaction when you hear them, hopefully it will help you eliminate them from your own vocabulary.

There are many such phrases but here are a couple that are really dangerous:

  • “I’m fed up
  • “I’m sick and tired”
  • “You’re killing me” or It’s killing me”
  • “I hate”
  • “I can’t afford”
  • “I’m dying to get my  hands on”

And there are many more. Take one day and listen to what comes out of your mouth and the mouths of others too.

Can you see how detrimental these phrases would be to your subconscious?  What messages are you telling yourself? You don’t want to be telling yourself these things because they WILL come true.

Pay attention and cancel the phrases when you hear them.

Let me know of any others you come up with. Put it in the comments box.


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