Practice What You Wish To Become

practice 2Dr. Anne Kunath is my long time friend, mentor and former business partner (til she had the nerve to retire…ha ha). This phrase of hers has stuck with me all these years (way too many to admit to). It also fits with the theme of the week.

At first glance this may seem difficult. After all, if you could be like that (practice), then you wouldn’t need to become it would you? However, if you break it down into every day life, you’ll see how simple and powerful it is.

Little boys want to become major league baseball players. So what do they do? They practice. And they don’t practice being bad, do they? Heck no. They practice being the best they can possibly be. You can even see the cute little fellows strutting around in their professional looking uniforms acting like they are walking into Yankee Stadium. They walk and act much differently in these uniforms than they do in their everyday jeans. As a parent (or a coach or a friend or mentor), though, your job is to encourage them to act the same way (have the same strut so to speak) all the time, NOT just when they are wearing their uniforms.

You’ve heard the phrase “act as if”? Well, this is essentially the same thing but worded differently. If you want to abundant and prosperous, find out how others who are prosperous act. It could be that you desire prosperity in only one arena such as wealth or health or maybe you are reaching for prosperity in every area of your life. Regardless of what you’re after, find qualities that people who are as prosperous possess.

You can use segment intending to help you practice what you wish to become. Each morning and before each segment of your day, envision exactly what you want to happen in that particular section of your day. If it’s a meeting and you’re seeking to be heard more, see that happening using the specifics of the agenda for the meeting. This can be done in the rest room, at your desk, in your car, in your bed, or anywhere you have a few minutes. Keep a journal of how often you do the segment intending and the results. As with anything else, it will get better the more you do it. You are, in essence, telling the Universe what you want. Then you can just allow the Universe to bring those results to you.

Every day revisit your goals and desires. You should have then written out and you can take them with you in your wallet. But, if you, at least read them once a day, you’ll have them ingrained in your subconscious. This, along with your practicing the right behaviors and thoughts, will bring your goals into your life.

Try it, it’s not really that hard.



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