This goes along with my “tire” stories this week…Anne has another short article on the value of praise – after I had learned this from her years ago, I have always praised my cars and my house. Now I’m praising my car and my new tires as well as my OLD tires for they got me safely to and from many places.

Praise – by Anne Kunath

Praise what you want.

Praise what you enjoy.

Praise people for the good they bring you.

Praise them for the lessons you learn from them so that you may go on to the next step.

Praise your family that serve as your teachers.

Praise your friends for the good they give you.

Stop “naming” things wrong, or bad, or sick, or hard, or mean, or rotten, or any other damaging name.

Use the power of your thoughts, words, and actions to bring out the good in people with who you associate. Help them as well as helping yourself. You will enjoy the pleasure even more when you see the new people who are coming into your life are exactly as the praise you have been speaking to others.

Affirmation for Praise

I praise my world and everything in it.

I praise my childhood that taught me precious lessons.

I praise the people I have known for showing me the way even when I did not want to go.

I praise the anger and hurt that removed me from situations that were no longer good for me.

I praise the loves and the joys that showed me the potential of what I can always have.

I praise the ability to review these situations and people so I may bless and let go of the ones of which I no longer want to be a part.

I praise my ability to evaluate the pleasant people and situations so that I may attract and create more of the same blessings that I deserve!

I praise my past for having brought me to where I am today.

All is well.

Dr. Anne Kunath



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