Prayers of Meditation & Silence

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  The fourth type of prayer is the prayer of meditation and silence. it is often in meditation and silent, contemplative prayer that you feel the presence of God is goodness most strongly. In this type of prayer, you take a few meaningful words and think about them and feed upon them silently.

As you think about them and contemplate them, they grow in your mind as expanded ideas that move you into right action, or perhaps as peaceful assurance that all is well and no action is needed.  If nothing seems to happen in meditation, you have still made the mind receptive to God’s good and, at the right time, ideas and opportunities will be revealed as a result of your spiritual exercise in meditation.

Moses, Elijah and Jesus (among others) proved the practical result-getting power of silent meditation.

You probably don’t even realize that you’ve been meditating whether you’ve been aware of it or not.  The word meditate means to think about, to contemplate, to consider deeply and continuously.


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