Processing The Tragedy in Connecticut

 We have all been devastated to a degree by the senseless shooting of innocent children (and adults) in Connecticut.  Parents, especially, may be feeling a deep sense of fear for their own children.

Perhaps it even brings back memories for you of a time when you were terrified….maybe memories of 9/11 or Columbine or any of the other tragedies that have seemed to increase in the past few years.

How can we process this event, not contribute to the negative aspects of it and yet not appear cold to others?

First of all, I think people will think what they want to think of you no matter what you do. So why not do what’s best for you and your family?

You know I talk about vibration all the time – this is key right now. You must do everything you can to raise your vibration and this will take some doing as the news media latches on to this tragedy. I realize they have a job to do but it should NOT be 24 hours a day, saying and showing the same thing over and over again.  We all know the facts – at least 20 children and 6 adults (I might be off on the numbers) were killed by a deranged young man who simply burst into school and started shooting. Do you really need to know any more than than? If you said yes, ask yourself “why” you need to know more than that.

If you said “so I can prevent it from happening again”, you are deluding yourself. By concentrating on its occurrence and focusing so much of the country’s (and the world’s) time, emotions and energy on this crisis we are all working to bring MORE of it into our lives.

We have to work to raise our vibrations and feel love and compassion for those involved. Do anything you can (meditate, pray, hold hands, hug, whatever works for you) to get into a place of peace. As you begin to feel inner peace, you’ll also begin to radiate it outward and that is what we all want to do. The more peace and love we can radiate out toward those affected, the more good we are doing for them, rather than the “virtual rubbernecking” that we’re doing by being tied to the TV news.

Why is this so important? If you have children or are around children, remember that they know what’s going on even if you try to hide things. They read your emotions, they “know” you, they “feel” you and your thoughts, feelings and vibrations.

Do you want them to feel your fear? Of course not. You want to reassure them in any way possible. Let them know that they are safe and loved and that those in Connecticut will be taken care of, be loved and will thrive as children do – if we let them.

If you start to hover or be over protective, they will pick up on your fear. They will then start to be afraid and yet not know why.

It it NOT cold or mean or unfeeling to try to raise your vibration. Use the Rampage of Appreciation to get in a better feeling place. Use the “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” technique as well. More importantly say your “gratitudes” (use your Gratitude Journal) and show the Universe how much you appreciate what you have. NO matter how bad things seemed yesterday morning for you, I bet they appeared not so significant when you heard the news. Do anything you can to move your thoughts to the positive. Think about how resilient children are and think of examples in your own family life – that should bring smiles to your face. Write them down. Better yet, start planning 2013 and determining your plans to achieve your desires in 2013. Figure out what your desires really are. Take time to think about them and solidify them. Use this time to take an inventory of where you are and where you were last year and how far you’ve come. Do anything to focus on the positive right now. Play with your kids but don’t cling to them.

Remember NOT to tell this story over and over again. Do not engage with others who just want to revisit the same old stuff. Find a way to move off from those who have to discuss it. Change the topic, excuse yourself and slip away. Do anything to tell a positive story – even if it has to be a silent one inside your head. Also remember the invaluable phrase “That is not my truth”.

Help the vibration of the world become positive so that the magnetic energy diverted to Connecticut can be healing and loving energy, not anger or fear.

Let me know if you’ve found a way to accomplish this.


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2 thoughts on “Processing The Tragedy in Connecticut

  1. Terrie

    You are so right. There are 2 emotions: Love or Fear. If I start dwelling on this very sad story I will bring more fear and darkness into the world. Heaven knows that we don’t need anymore fear and darkness!

    We can be addicted to violent stories. It will give us an adrenaline high and take us out of our own funk. The problem is that all that adrenaline stimulation will make us very sick. Not only have we contributed to the fear in the world, our community and family, we are now very sick. Wonderful.

    Instead, get high on gratitude. You really want to get the felt sense of gratitude. Not just the “thank you”, but the feeling you get when your heart opens in gratitude. I think you called it a “rampage of appreciation”, Terrie. This practice of gratitude will bring you into Love.

    Did you know that one enlightened person can raise the vibrations of 10,000 people. Be a light-bearer for all the world.

    From this space we can send much needed grace to the families of the Sandy Hook victims. They will need that in the coming days and months.

    Our job is to radiate joy today. 🙂

    • Mary Pat,
      you are so articulate! Thank you for putting this in such a beautiful manner. I really appreciate your insight and words. Thank you so much.