Prosperity is a Planned Result

This is more of Catherine Ponder’s Creative Law of Prosperity:
Prosperity is the result of deliberate thought and action. There is nothing “hit or miss” about prosperous living. It is a planned result just as a bridge or a building is a planned result.

There is no reason to be afraid to ask for what you really desire. Remember Matthew 7:7 – “Ask and it shall be given; seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened.”

If your desires are not definite at this point, simply begin thinking about and even making lists of those things now in your life that you don’t want there. List things you wish to have cleared up and eradicated from your life. Then to that list (hold it up in front of you or touch it) simply declare “This too shall pass” or “Be thou dissolved”.

Try this:
1) Write out your desires for the next six months.

2) Write out your desired achievements for the next six months

3) Each week add to your list or change your list of desired results as you feel you’re being led

4)Each week hold that list and say the following affirmation:
“I am a mature and rich child of a loving father. All that the Father has is mine do share and experience. Divine intelligence is now showing me how to claim my own god-given wealth, health and happiness. Divine intelligence is even now opening  the way for my immediate blessings. I have faith that all that is mine by divine right now comes to me in rich abundance. My rich blessings to not interfere with anyone else’s good, since god’s rich substance is unlimited and everywhere for all to use. There is no delay! That which is not for my highest good now fades from me and i no longer desire it. My god-given desires are richly fulfilled now in God’s own wonderful way”
— It’s essential that you say you’re a mature child of God so that you continue to behave as a mature person, not as a child.
— You must also realize that there is substance all around you that is yours for the asking. We don’t achieve our desires when we are pushing that substance away or blocking its appearance.

5) Spend 15 minutes a day blessing your listed desires and work daily on your lists – revising, changing, expanding them.

6) Do very definite things:
– list the amount of money you wish to make for the day, week or month.
– Place a time limit and DEFINITE DATES by which you wish to fulfill your desires.

7) Do not wonder, doubt or question how your rich good will be fulfilled – just stay busy putting the creative laws of prosperity into action with these simple ways

Remember “what we can conceive, we can achieve – with the help of God (Universe)”

There seems to be almost magical power in thinking of your desires, expressing them constructively by writing them down, stating the time by which your wish to have fulfillment and then praying that God’s good will be done in these matters.

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3 thoughts on “Prosperity is a Planned Result

  1. Terrie,
    You are sharing a powerful process here. I love the connection between prosperity and WRITING down the desire. That is a delicious and highly effective first step to making desires more concrete. There is a kind of magic and power in writing. Thanks for being part of the #blog30 community.
    Keep up the great work.
    Bobbye Middendorf
    The Write Synergies Guru

  2. Writing out your goals is the first step in achieving them. Doing this helps give you clarity and focus. Nice tips! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for posting a comment Deb and Bobbye – glad you like the idea!
    I appreciate your taking the time