Qualities of a Successful Leader

Qualities of a Successful Leader
by Napoleon Hill

Personal initiative heads the list of qualities a successful leader must possess.

These qualities are:

    * Personal initiative

    * The adoption of a definite major purpose.

    * A motive to inspire continuous action in pursuit of a definite major purpose.

    * A master mind alliance through which you may acquire the power to attain your definite purpose.

    * Self-reliance in proportion to the scope and object of your major purpose.

    * Self-discipline sufficient to insure mastery of the head and the heart, and to sustain your motives until they have been realized.

    * Persistence, based on the will to win.

    * A well-developed imagination, controlled and directed.

    * The habit of reaching definite and prompt decisions.

    * The habit of basing opinions on known facts instead of relying on guesswork.

    * The habit of going the extra mile.

    * The capacity to generate enthusiasm at will, and to control it.

    * A well-developed sense of details.

    * The capacity to take criticism without resentment.

    * Familiarity with the ten basic motives that inspire all human action.

    * The capacity to concentrate your full attention upon one task at a time.

    * Willingness to accept full responsibility for the mistakes of subordinates.

    * The habit of recognizing the merits and abilities of others.

    * A positive mental attitude at all times.

    * The habit of assuming full responsibility for any job or task undertaken.

    * The capacity for applied faith.

    * Patience with subordinates and associates.

    * The habit of following through with any task once begun.

    * The habit of emphasizing thoroughness instead of speed.

    * Dependability, the only requirement of leadership that can be stated with one word – but no less important to success on that account.

There are qualities of minor importance which leadership in many fields of endeavor may require, but those listed above are on the must list of all able leaders. Measure any successful leader by the list and observe how many of the traits he applies, although he may do so unconsciously.

Source: PMA Science of Success Course. Pgs. 201-203.


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