Ready For Take Off: Stop Spinning Your Wheels

single_rocket_graph_takeoff_400_clr_14298I want you to get yourself going – in some direction! Although this could be considered to be about stopping procrastination, that’s not my intent today.

I know that I often will spin my wheels and not be procrastinating. In fact, I’m working very hard when I’m spinning my wheels. But the problem is that I’m trying this and trying that and can’t seem to make up my mind which direction I want to follow. Can’t figure out which is the “right” direction. So, I end up spending a lot of time and energy not really accomplishing anything and then even more time and energy worrying about spinning my wheels and not knowing what to do…..Catch 22 for sure.

The most recent example I can think of was when I was trying to figure out what book to start with.  I had two ideas and I would go back and forth between each of them. I’d try to figure out the pro’s and con’s of each and whether this would “sell” or be “useful” or would the other be more so. You can probably imagine the paralysis I was inflicting on myself. Like a backyard swing – back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And I didn’t get anywhere at all. It was frustrating as well as non-productive.

So one day after doing EFT and some meditation to quiet my mind, I decided to just write and not worry about what book it would go in. That let everything loose and I accomplished so much just by listening to my inner being. I still have another decision to make once I’ve gotten to a stopping place but those decisions can wait.

I have a few favorite sayings and one of them is that “Everything is always working out for me!” I even have that on a timer on my phone.  At certain times during the day, the phone beeps and the saying pops up. What a great reminder for me that as long as I follow my gut, my inner source, everything WILL work out for me. What I had been trying to do was “control” the situation. I was focusing on BOTH what I wanted and what I didn’t want. I wanted the book to be successful. Of course, that’s kind of hard to achieve if you haven’t written it yet – duh. But, at the same time I was also focusing on what I didn’t want. How? By trying to do a pro AND con list. Every time I thought about a con, I was actually concentrating on the things I didn’t want. You can never get to the solution while you’re in the “problem” mode. The vibrations and feelings you have when you think about problems are totally different than when thinking about solutions and they do NOT mix. I was focusing on the problem and not allowing the solution to come to me until I quieted my mind. That enabled my mind to open up so the solution could come in.

Thus, one primary lesson I learned from this and which has subsequently been reinforced by Abraham is that I will not be making any pro and con lists any more. If I have to make any lists, it will definitely be the pro side. Then if I run across what I think is a problem, I will simply open my mind and not question what comes to it. That’s something else that we tend to do – question our inner source. When we do that, it’s a way of defeating what we might actually be trying to achieve. It’s a stop spinning wheelsgreat way to sabotage any project or ourselves.

Go with your gut. That’s something I have always embraced in my medical career. Even if I could not make a firm diagnosis in the Emergency Department, I knew when someone was really sick and needed to be admitted. I also had a 95% diagnostic rate for assessing what was wrong with someone as they were escorted past the nurses’ station to a bed. But you know what? That is not any great diagnostic acumen I possessed. It was me allowing (opening) the conduit of the Universe to flow through me. If I tried to impose my thoughts and ideas on a situation, I’d never have gotten anywhere. Since I considered myself a conduit, I knew I could do the right thing for the patients even if I couldn’t put the right name on it. It’s all about control.

We humans want to control so much. That gets in our way because then we are so invested in the outcome and that becomes more important than actually doing the “thing”. Get rid of control. The Universe is coming to and through you and will guide you to the correct course of action in every single situation.

You’ll be so amazed when you stop spinning your wheels and get started in the right direction. How will you know it’s the right direction? It will “feel” right – it will be in your gut, or your soul or wherever you feel things. Go with it.

  • Quiet your mind
  • Throw away the “con” list and concentrate on the “pro” list
  • If you find a “problem”, simply repeat “Everything always works out for me” as many times as you need to quiet your mind and open it up to let the solution in.
  • Accept the solution when you feel it. Go with your gut.
  • Once you feel calm, you will be inspired and you will know the course of action to take.
  • Take action on what you feel.
  • Keep going in that direction. Forget about control. There is no need for control. You’re going to accomplish great things just by following your inspiration.

You’ve got it made now.

I know you will feel so much lighter and happier. Let me know by commenting below.


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