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Online Success Map

Are you making it too complex? This is a really simple business. Basically there are only a few parts.

1. Choose a market

This is the group of people you are going to sell to. There is no magic to this process. You merely choose the people you want to serve.

Sometimes it’s a group of people you are a part of. For example, you like to play golf, so you sell to golfers.

Sometimes, it’s a group of people who are likely to buy. For example, even if you are not a golfer you know that golfers are always trying to improve their game, so you choose to serve the golfers’ market.

2. Find something to sell

Now that you know the people who you are going to serve, you’ll get to know them. You’ll discover the problems that they face on a daily basis. Then you’ll find a solution to offer them.

Naturally you can create or pay someone else to create the solution for them. That’s considered creating your own product.

Or you can find an existing product and tell them about that one. That’s the affiliate marketing model.

3. Capture their information

While you can send them directly to the sales page, you will never build an online business doing that. So you want to offer them a reason to give you their name and email.

For that you generally offer a free report or audio or video. Something that is about solving the very problem they’ve come to solve.

Once they are added to your list you’ll add them to an autoresponder sequence that relates to that topic.

4. Sell something

This is the first place you make money. After all, you already know your audience. You know what their problems are. And you’re presenting them with a solution to those problems.

So they are likely to buy if they recognize that this solution solves their problem. Or offers them the opportunity to do what they love better, faster or with less work.

Over time you will work to improve the number of sales you make, whether it’s by
– getting better, more targeted traffic
– getting more people to opt in to see the sales page
– improving your sales page, if it’s your product
– or a combination of these factors.

But for right now, on the basic Online Success Map, your job is just to offer them the solution to purchase.

5. Sell related products

One of the biggest mistakes new marketers make is stopping after the offer of the solution. Whether your visitor buys or not, your job has just started!

For everyone on your optin list, you should be providing steady information to them on the topic for which they signed up. Ideally you want to provide frequent messages for the first couple of weeks, then settle into a minimum of one message per week.

What do you include? Information that is helpful, as well as other recommended products to help them solve all of their problems or fulfill their wants.

If you follow the simple 5-step map, you’ll quickly create your Online Success.

Dr. Jeanette Cates is an Internet strategist who works with online business owners to help them create their Online Success. She offers a free video overview of her Steps to Online Success at the Online Success Incubator

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