Review Your Three Phase Program

Make the affirmations the last phase of a three step formula for prosperity.

1) Daily write out your notes of desired good.

2) Mentally image the successful results.

3) Boldly and Deliberately affirm and command those successful results to appear.

If you persist daily in following these three simple steps, you will not be able to stop the flood of good from overflowing into your life.

You can have any of God’s rich good for which you are willing to pay the price of daily affirmations and command. There is no easier or more exciting way of changing your thinking and getting on the road to success. You become what you want to be by affirming that you already are!

I love the Law of Command. I would benefit much more from it and the other steps if I were to implement all the steps deliberately every single day. I’m willing to commit to this  – are you? Post your comments below.


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