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figure_turning_a_custom_page_15415 I think this will be a series of posts. It’s hard to cover all of rewriting your story in just one. But, as always, we’ll see!

Most importantly, though, you need to assess your life as it is right now. How are you feeling? Do you feel complete? Do you feel as if something’s missing in your life? Are there other things you’d really like to be doing? Why do you think you’re not doing them or why haven’t they come into your life?

Most likely the answer lies deep within – in your inner belief system. And it’s usually your limiting beliefs that get you and hold you back. These limiting beliefs have led to habits and repetitive talk (internal and external) that gives the universe various messages about what you really want. Thus, you are attracting those mixed messages and not attracting what you really want. Usually that’s because of some “I don’t deserve better” belief that’s been ingrained in your inner being for so many years.

I’m not advocating “therapy” or rehashing all that’s happened in your past because we already know that if we do that, we’re likely to attract more. But, it’s important to think about why we do or think certain things.

One way I’ve found that helps is to create your affirmation for whatever you want and then say it. If your mind comes up with a ‘but’ then fill in what comes after that and that will be your limiting belief. For example “I am a millionaire” followed by “but that could never happen to me. Plus, what if it did? Would I have to work harder? I don’t want to work harder?” See how several limiting beliefs are buried in the ‘but’?

  1. It could never happen to me (aka “I’m not worthy”)
  2. followed by a belief that if you make a lot of money you have to work hard.
  3. there’s also the possibility that you’re thinking that to succeed in anything, you have to work hard and you don’t want to.

You could go further if you took the time to fill in everything in the “but” statement but this was just an example.

It doesn’t matter what the cause is for the limiting beliefs – that’s where therapy gets everything hung up.  All we want to know is what’s standing in the way of you achieving the life you want – i.e. your limiting beliefs.

This process could get a bit discouraging as you uncover all your “buts” but (ha ha) just look at it as a list.

More importantly, you want to start writing a real story about how you really want your life to be and what you want to happen.  I recommend doing this in story format – as if you’re writing a script for a play or movie. That allows you to get colorful and specific. The more color and excitement you generate the better you feel and the more your vibrations and momentum get going in the right direction.

I would also suggest you keep writing but if you feel a “tug” when you get to some particular part, then don’t stop but put a star by that section so you can go back later and examine it for limiting beliefs.

Try writing your story for the next six months (or even for a month if you’re very skeptical) first. Read the story over several times and edit it as you go along. When you’re happy with it, read it once a week and make any necessary changes. Then write the next story – you might want to expand it to a year.

Let me know how it’s going.



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