Science of Getting Rich Month Postponed…

I know I got everyone’s hopes up but you see, this special month of posts on The Science of Getting Rich was to be a part of what’s called a “blog challenge”.

Unfortunately the one that was planned for Feb has been postponed. Thus, I am postponing the series of posts until we have that blog challenge.

That does NOT mean, however, that there won’t be any posts this month. It means that they will be at the regular interval and won’t be on the Science of Getting Rich.

So, hang in there – there will still be information-rich posts coming your way!!!


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One thought on “Science of Getting Rich Month Postponed…

  1. Hi Terrie,
    I am sure that the wait will be worth it. In the meantime I got out the book and started re-reading it. I am grasping things that I did not get the first time around. Hooray!
    I love the blackboard. You’re a real cutie!
    Have a magnificent day. Sarah