Should We Fear Ebola?

10678640_10152703358960435_4104647929256730427_nFear is incapacitating and blocks success. You know that but trying to eliminate fear from our being takes some focus and concentration.

As a humanity we seem to have two themes – fear and faith (lack of fear). Sometimes there is an in between but that also is often considered apathy.

I am going to go on a bit of a rant about this right now. Ebola has been waging war with humans for the past several months. However, people in the United States have virtually ignored it (seemingly just hoping it would go away) and didn’t care about the effects it was having upon the rest of the world because it hadn’t affected the United States yet. We tend to have the Ostrich syndrome with our head stuck in the sand (or maybe someplace else – you can tell I’m disturbed by this). It’s amazing how whenever there is any other type of disaster in another country we’re all rushing to help – musicians give free concerts, the Red Cross tells you to text them, every organization out there starts collecting. But in this case, the number of cases and the number of deaths have been rapidly increasing in other countries and we did and said NOTHING…..until, of course, it came into the United States. Initially there was concern when we brought people back for treatment but the media was used to quench any major concerns…..until there was a case of a traveler who flew infected into the country. Now, a greater portion of our country has become concerned (I guess it really is “All about me”) and as the days roll by and there are more people infected, the outrage and fear deepens.

As we’ve talked about repeatedly – all that fear does is attract more of what we are fearing (in this case disease). There is a concept head_stuck_in_sand_400_clr_6605called “Race Consciousness” that explains how things can migrate rapidly from near apathy to massive fear. It seems to spread like wildfire. One day everything is fine and people are going along as usual. But then the next day the fear is all around us -we saw something on the news or on the internet and then, of course, the “power of the story” comes into play.  God forbid we talk about the positive aspects of an event or not talk about it at all. It’s best to not talk about things like an epidemic or anything bad (even the enterovirus that spread across the country pretty rapidly too) especially when we can’t do anything about it. Do NOT feed into the race consciousness because you’ll feel yourself being swept into the waves of fear. And, the sad thing is that you probably won’t even recognize it.

When you find yourself fearing something happening, immediately say “That is not my truth” followed by “Nothing and nobody can interfere with my health and well-being, not even myself”. You can also use “Everything always works out for me”. Stay away from the details either on the news or the internet. Of course you might want to know what’s happening so you can scan your favorite internet site for the latest but then leave it quickly.

Stay away from the “water cooler” syndrome. Don’t engage in conversation about it. You’re probably thinking I’m telling you to stick your head in the sand but I’m not. If you can do something, take action and do it – volunteer, donate money, whatever. But if you’re just talking about the “tragedy”, the “fear” etc, then you are simply attracting more fear and more illness into your life. And when it goes into the Race Consciousness (everything you think is disseminated into the Universe and becomes part of the Race Consciousness) where this massive energy force will bring more of what is feared onto humanity.

So, we do not need to fear ebola…we need to counteract the mass fear that is being spread across all of America (and most likely the world). Use the statements I listed above and continue to say them whenever you feel scared.

You have more power than you realize so use it to everyone’s advantage.

Remember “that which I greatly feared, hath come upon me”.

Don’t let it come upon you.


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