Michael Hyatt Puts Up Another Winner!

I just had to link to this post by Michael Hyatt.

It’s called Don’t Quit Before The Whistle Blows

I encourage you to read the whole post but it’s about how we respond to setbacks and the bottom line is how we respond says at least 3 things about us:

  1. Our response builds our character. Very often in those moments where we are tempted to bail, our character is a stake. Character isn’t fixed. As Oscar Wilde said, it’s made and unmade by our decisions.When we push through difficulty and see things to the end, we’re developing our character in a positive way. When the urge to walk off the field comes—and it will—ask yourself what kind of person you want to be.
  2. Our response tests our true abilities. Whatever we think about ourselves or the future, if we walk off the track, we never really know what we’re capable of or what was truly possible.Kampf could have finished without giving it her all, and no one probably would have noticed—except her. Instead, she marshaled her strength and found out what her true potential was.

    And it surprised her. “That last 50 meters, I hit a gear that I never knew I had,” she said. A setback can bring out our best if we’ll play full out regardless.

  3. Our response impacts others. Kampf wasn’t just running for herself. She was running for her team, for her school, for her family and community. The impact of her decision was far-reaching—even down to us discussing it today.There’s something at stake in every decision to stay in the game that goes well beyond ourselves. Quitting not only robs ourselves of needed character development and a deeper understanding of ourselves, it has an immeasurable impact on those around us.

Thanks to Michael Hyatt for this great Saturday piece.



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