Sometimes We Forget..But Really Shouldn’t

Man aproaching a bench at a lake on a foggy day.We experienced a somber event in my workplace this past week and it reminded me that we have to make the most of every moment while making the effort to tell people we care about how we feel – never, ever take anything for granted.

One of my colleagues suddenly lost their spouse on Friday. They were in the prime of their lives and had children and now, in just a few moments time the entire picture has changed. How tragic.

We always talk about living in the moment for ourselves. But we must remember to live in the moment with others whom we love.

Take a few moments today and make sure you have a plan of action that you want to follow day after day. Why do that? Because time goes by so fast and we get so wrapped up in our own things that if it’s not an established habit and pattern, you may not do it.

Be grateful and appreciative of people all the time AND  let them know that. This applies not only to those you are intimate with but you should practice this approach with everyone around you.

Is this a very metaphysical post? No. Is it an important post? You bet it is! Probably one of the most important that I’ve done all year.

The other part of this is that we should really look at everything in the proper perspective. Is it really useful to be upset about things and hang on to them? Do we get anything from holding grudges or sulking? Move on and enjoy every moment we have. Is it really important who got that last parking space? Of course not. Should it be cause for you to be in a bad mood all day? Is anything cause for that? Probably not. If we’re in a bad mood, we can’t be paying attention to those around us as much as we should.

Enjoy your week and please send thoughts and prayers to those who are experiencing grief, sadness and sorrow.



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