Special Methods of General Prayer

Special Methods of General Prayer

A good way to start with General Prayer is to take the Lord’s Prayer and consider each line of it silently and verbally. This has been persistent throughout the ages and has been believed to have magical powers especially when repeated over and over.

You can pray by invoking the name of Jesus Christ – mentally image Jesus taking care of anything, any situation or person that bothers you.  Catherine Ponder reports of a woman who hated her husband but years later was still married to him. She began to daily think of Jesus Christ going to work on her husband. “I saw Christ working in and through him, working with him, even having lunch with him. I visualized my husband and the Christ with him, coming home to his wife and family to well-cooked meals, happy and contented” This woman reported that her husband was now a different man, one who is kind, thoughtful, happy and loving.

At times one form of prayer will help you and at other times you’ll need another form. Even though we hear a lot about affirmative prayer and silent prayer, it is important to remember the good old-fashioned type of prayer.


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