Special Remembrance For A Very Special Guy

stock_photos_55I’m doing something today I’ve never done before. I’m dedicating this post to someone I didn’t know and never met. His name was John. He passed away two days ago.

His presence on this earth significantly impacted a very good friend of mine and through her discussions with me about him and his last journey I became extremely impressed and touched.

Rarely is someone who is not famous or in the news somehow so able to influence others. But John had that talent, that capability. Every time my friend talked about him, I received more of his essence and came to admire him more and more each day.

He fought this illness with the mindset and character of a very special man. There were ups and downs and he took them all in stride, trying to make the best of each event, no matter how despicable the news.

He tried to maintain his daily activities and interactions with people as they always had been right up until the end, despite immense pain and suffering. There was never any complaining about how bad his “lot in life” was. Although it might have been in his thoughts, he didn’t lament “why me” to others trying to solicit their sympathies. He continually tried to buoy up the spirits of those around and close to him, knowing how painful it was for them, knowing it was he who was leaving and going to a better place yet they would remain behind trying to do something with that void.

When my friend mentioned him and his battle, she always talked about his courage and his gentleness. If you think about that, it’s rather paradoxical to be gentle while being courageous. When you think of courage you think of the warrior getting ready for battle, not the lamb standing there trusting all around it.

John’s passing has affected me in a way I can’t even describe no matter how I try to reach for the proper words – and I never even really knew him. How does that happen? It reaffirms to me that there is a universal essence and that no matter where in the world (or Universe) someone is, their being still flows via all those energetic lines that we can’t see. This man had something I wish to emulate – strength that is so deep and diffuse that it could not even be defined.

Have you ever experienced something like this? I find it a very strange, sad, yet peaceful experience and I thank both John and my friend for bringing his love and being into my existence. I pray for the easing of the remaining pain for those around him

Rest in great peace, John!


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