Start Denying….

You’ve done the basic work and now it’s time to “clear the land” so to speak.

You have been influenced by many sources over the years. Beliefs were embedded in you from the time you were in the womb and once you appeared in the world, the bombardment didn’t stop there. So, it’s no wonder you have a ton of limiting beliefs. Hopefully you uncovered a bunch of them yesterday and can now start to eliminate them.

Why do you have to go through this part of the process – doing denials? Why can’t you just proceed to doing affirmations and get on with it?

Well, if you just start doing affirmations without laying a new foundation, you’ll be trying to build a 2012 house on a 1950 (or older) foundation. Do you really want to do that?  If you start doing affirmations without doing denials first, you may end up with what’s called “chemicalization” – that’s a great deal of chaos in your life. The affirmations and your limiting beliefs mix like unfriendly chemicals and create smoke and fire and all sorts of unwanted stuff. That’s what’s likely to happen in your life too.

So, don’t try to cut corners. These limiting beliefs that you identified have to be removed or their effect will continue to be in there and will prevent you from achieving what you want and deserve.

Even if you start creating affirmations early on (like after tomorrow’s post) you should NOT do them for at least a week. Use the first week of the New Year as your denials week. Ideally you should do denials every month – start off the month with them. See what has popped up since the last time you did them. Remember that these limiting beliefs have been there for many many years and they won’t necessarily go away in one session.

What you might also find is that when you do a denial, you might uncover another limiting belief. I was running today and was going over in my mind what I was going to write and I started to “talk” about a denial I could have done for my belief that my income couldn’t increase because I had  a salary job. I started to simply say “there is no lack in my life”. That set fine with me because I really believe there is no lack in my life. Then I said “there is no limitation in my life” – although now I really do believe that, remember that I was trying to use the old example of when I was still in the Navy and was in a salary position. As I said it, I felt “funny”. It just did NOT sit right with me. I felt “uncomfortable”. So I examined it more closely and it was that I really didn’t believe it to be true. I felt there were limitations in my life – limitations that kept me from increasing my income. There were two courses of action for me to take. One involved increased usage of this denial, saying it over and over so that I did begin to believe it. Also to examine what it was that was stopping me. I call these results “reverse outlining”. I compared myself to others who had a salary and who had additional income. And then I would say “but I’m not like them….I don’t have as much talent as they do, I don’t have as much time as they do, I don’t know how to do the things they do…etc” Essentially I was not only uncovering other limiting beliefs (“I’m not smart enough”, “I don’t have enough time”, “I’m not talented enough”). All of these limiting beliefs I need to make denials for (and later affirmations). I was also “outlining” why I couldn’t achieve what I wanted. The important point is to pay attention to how something ‘feels’ when you say it and explore those feelings.

You can use generalities with denials – “there is no lack in my life”, “there is no limitation in my life”, “there is no poverty in my life”, “there is no absence of wisdom and intelligence in my life”, “there are no time constraints in my life”, “there are no relationship problems in my life”, etc.

You can think of  many of these.  Use whichever ones you can think of.

But more importantly use denials for the specific limiting beliefs you came up with yesterday.  Simply say “there is no ____ in my life” and fill in the blank with whatever fits that limiting belief.

After you  put the denials on the pertinent index card (or separate page in your notebook),

  • Make a separate list of denials. You can put these on additional index cards or s single sheet of paper.
  • Make a couple of copies and put them around you so you’ll always have them around you so you can pick them up and read them over and over.
  • Read them through (preferably out loud if you can) 3-4 times in a row and do this at least 3 times a day.
  • Those that really hit home put on a special index card so that you can carry it in your wallet or purse.
  • Pull this out at stop lights or while waiting in a line somewhere
  • Say these special denials over and over again while waiting.
  • Do this over and over again every single day for at least a week.

Refine the list as you go and uncover other limiting beliefs. Whenever you have a weird feeling, use that as an indication to peel back more the onion and find another limiting belief. Be as specific as you can. You can say “there is no poverty in my life” or you can say “I do not want for anything in my life” or “I have no unpaid debts” or “there are no unpaid debts in my life”, “there is no limit to the influx of money and riches that come into my life”. Although  this last one sounds like an affirmation, the key aspect is that you are telling your subconscious mind that there is NO LIMIT to anything.  Especially this past year we have been indoctrinated with “times are tough” and “the economy is bad” etc. This does NOT have to be true for you. Create your denials and start using them.


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