Start your own 21 Day Gratitude Journey

I found this blog “What The Bleep Do I Eat” by Annette Nack as part of a 30 day Blogging Challenge started by Connie Ragan Green

This is a 21 Day Gratitude Journey started 12 days ago (I think) by Annette. And, although I didn’t stumble upon it until today, there is absolutely no reason why we can’t start our own personal 21 day Gratitude Journeys today!!! I encourage you to go to Annette’s Blog and see what a great idea  she has and how she’s structured it – she even gives you assignments each day so that you can keep on track. Way to go Annette! Thank you for doing this.

Remember to use your Gratitude Journal for this (and post your comments on her blog or ours … or even both). Don’t have your Gratitude Journal? Pick it up here.

Get started and let us know how you’re doing!


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