Stop Checking The Mail

mailbox_opened_letter_text_11236This is a follow-on post for you after you “placed your order” with the Universe. If you’d done your homework properly, figured out what you really wanted, defined it down to the finest detail, and then laid it out there for the Universe to process and deliver, you have appropriately placed your order.

Now, your job is to have faith that the Universe will deliver your order to your door. One of the quickest ways to keep it from showing up in your life is to continually check to see if it’s come yet and then wondering why not.

Faith means knowing that the Universe is powerful and will produce this “thing’ you want. The only requirement is really a passion of yours and since you’ve picked out the size and color (as in a catalog) and put in the right address for delivery.

Now you have to understand the difference between manifestation and materialization. Manifestation happens as soon as you hit the order button! Materialization, though, may take some time depending on various circumstances. One of those circumstances is your faith and belief that this will happen. Here is where your underlying limiting beliefs get in the way and you have to work on uncovering them (another post in a week or so). You can sit there and say you believe but if you continue to focus on your lack of having this thing or lack of having other things in your life and you will be surrounded by negative vibrations – or vibrations that repel the Universe from your doorstep. You simply attract more lack.

Since limiting beliefs are very deep and may not be easily uncovered quickly, one way to keep them at bay and prevent them from interfering in your delivery is to use a repetitive phrase whenever doubt or thoughts of lack enter your mind. Use something like “that is not my truth” or “Nothing and no one can interfere in my receipt of this wonderful gift from the Universe, NOT even myself.” or “Everything always works out for me”.

Bottom line is that you have to just “let go” of thinking about the thing and about when it’s going to arrive or IF it’s going to arrive. use a phrase to get your mind off of it and on to other things. Just like a package, the Universe will deliver your gift sooner than you realize if you let go of it and stop checking your mailbox to see if it showed up yet.

Try it and combine the distraction technique using one of these phrases. See what happens.


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