Stop Interfering With Your LIfe

stop-interferingAs I was watching “The Shift” with Dr. Wayne Dyer (may he rest in peace), it struck me that we really do spend so much time interfering in our own lives.

Instead of realizing that the Universe has heard our “order” and desires, and will be delivering them to us, we start trying to control HOW things happen and WHAT happens. Who are we to think we can out do the Universe anyway? How absurd a concept is that? When we think that things aren’t happening fast enough for us or that they aren’t going to happen at all, then our vibrations actually become lower because we enter the human realm instead of allowing ourselves to be lifted up to the more Universal wavelengths.

I don’t know about you but I do not want to be held back to the human lower wavelengths. How do you stop that? You recognize that things will come to you that need to come to you in order for you to fulfill your purpose in life.  Once you relax into that feeling, the calmness will take over and you’ll allow the Universe to deliver your order.

When you are contemplating something, always sit back and close your eyes. Just allow yourself to feel. Does the course of action you’re contemplating “feel right”  or does it create anxiety inside of you? Obviously, when you take on a new endeavor, there will be a degree of anxiety, but this anxiety should also be mixed with the excitement and joy of knowing you’re working toward your purpose.  If that feeling of excitement is absent, you need to revisit what you’re thinking about.

If the excitement is there, then go for it! But repeatedly ask for Divine Wisdom to show you the way. The Universe will provide you with guidance even more than you’ll find on the internet or by asking others. Ask for the Divine Guidance before you start searching for others to help. This will help ensure that you get the best possible help there is.

Stay out of your own way. Stop second guessing what you’re doing. Follow your passion. If something feels good, it is good and will continue to be good. If you have any trepidation, back off and regroup and head in a different direction. It could still be aiming for the same goal but perhaps with new processes or systems. Listen to what’s happening inside of you. It’s so important that you pay attention to your gut (in more ways than one but that’s a topic for other posts).

Stop interfering in your own life! Let the Universe provide you with the tools and people you need to accomplish what you want to achieve.


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2 thoughts on “Stop Interfering With Your LIfe

  1. Some things going on in my life ( some my doing- some not) that are difficult to handle. Really needed today’s message. Thanks – young un.