Stop Telling Your Story!


STOP! Stop telling your story and rewrite your legacy instead.

Why am I being so “mean”? We’re trying to focus on generating the momentum you want to have – the love, excitement, joy and happiness. Most of our stories start the momentum of something we don’t necessarily want to continue.  Even if the “moral of the story” is that you changed and now your life is better, you don’t want to be telling the entire path you took to get there because that starts the momentum of what you were and didn’t like/want. So, why would you want the momentum to be carrying you along in the old direction?

“It’s not that simple” you’re thinking. “I can’t explain what’s going on in my life without telling the history.” Not true.

You can say

I now know what it feels like to be excited 24 hours a day and how to get myself into a wonderful state.

You don’t have to say

A few years ago I was really depressed and even desperate to the point of doing something I would regret. I tried this and I tried that but nothing seemed to work. I really hit bottom. I didn’t know what to do, where to turn, how to get out of the dumps. I tried therapy, I tried self-help books, I tried everything and nothing worked. Then I found Abraham-Hicks and now I know what it feels like to be excited 24 hours a day.

Even when I was writing these made up statements, I could feel a different momentum with the second one, couldn’t you?microphone story

What advantage did hearing the second quote give you? Anything? Did the information in it matter? Not really. It’s just history. What we’re trying to focus on is the NOW and making the NOW be as great as it possibly can be. We want the Universe to  really sense our positive vibrations and bring us more of what we’re feeling – more joy, love, happiness, health, well being, peace of mind – whatever it is you want!

So next time you hear yourself telling people your story about how you got here, stop and ask yourself “Is this the momentum I want to increase?” If not, excuse yourself and get to the punch line or tell a different story. If so, then continue on. You’ll hear me talk more and more about your story and legacy in weeks to come!

Let us know what your experiences with this awareness is – put it in the comment box below.


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