Substance – The Source of Money

Along with an appreciation of money, you should also understand and fully appreciate substance, out of which money and all tangible objects are formed.

If you do not have money and if it doesn’t seem to manifest as you think prosperously about it, then perhaps the divine equivalent of money wishes to come to you. As you appreciate substance and know that it is everywhere universally present in the ethers about you: as you realize that it is passive, and waits to be formed and brought into visibility by your thoughts and words, you will realize that you have control of the invisible world of rich substance and rich supply as well as the visible world of riches.

Remember that Einstein claimed that substance and matter (which includes money and all visible objects) are convertible.  he said that formed and unformed worlds are made out of the same energy, ether, or substance. He said that the visible and invisible realms are relative, convertible and interchangeable.

We can use this theory from a financial standpoint – if your finances get low, you can use his theory of relativity to produce either money or its financial equivalent to meet your needs. If substance hasn’t manifested as money, don’t get panicky. Instead, declare “Divine substance is the one and only reality in this situation. Divine substance does not fail to manifest in rich appropriate form here and now.” Then let substance come forth to you in manifest form, as it deems best.

As you affirm that divine substance is doing whatever is best in this situation, you release its universal intelligence and its ability to take visible form. Your financial good may come forth to you in completely unforeseen ways. But it will come when you give it your attention and free it to work in its own wise way.

If the usual channels have not opened, then invite unusual channels of supply to open by recognizing that divine substance stands under every visible form of supply, with endless ways in which to manifest its riches for you. Give it your attention and appreciation; place your faith in it even though it seems invisible; let it than prove its power to prosper and care for you.


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