Success can start with a daily list

Make A Daily List

Begin and end your day making notes and lists.

In the morning sit quietly and think of the things (big and little) that you see yourself accomplishing – both by yourself and by others.

Make a slit of those desired accomplishments. You’ll feel in control of your day.

At the end of the day, write a note of thanks for the fulfillment of these things.

After you’re done writing those thank you notes, begin to think of the next day and make some notes about their perfect fulfillment.

This will help you with a peaceful night and restful sleep.

If things become hectic during the day, go to some place quiet if you can and make notes of how you want things to work out. If you can’t leave the area, just pull out a notebook and jot things down and write out how you want things to work out.

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One thought on “Success can start with a daily list

  1. Hi Terrie,
    I read this post yesterday. So last night I did the list and I will tell you how it goes today. To get a jump start, I wrote a thank you note for the things I accomplished yesterday. I could feel myself breathing easier and went to bed with another outlook. I thought I am going to get a great night’s sleep and tomorrow I am just going to pour into my day with such ease. So I will tell you how it all works out with another post. In the meantime, thanks for doing such a great job with this fantastic blog and with the exceptional suggestions. I am getting "Getting Unstuck" addicted. Right on!! Love, Sarah