Success Is Created Mentally First

Success is Created Mentally First

Start dreaming (imaging) your successful outcomes – the results you desire.

But beware, do not tell others of your dreams or mental pictures of greater good. We have talked about this before. Others will defuse the energy you are creating. They will try to discourage you although they will be trying to do it for “your own good” because they don’t want you to be let down. You will spend much more energy defusing either verbally or mentally what they are telling you whereas you could be putting that energy to work focusing entirely on your positive goals, not on the words of naysayers.

You must be persistent. Sometimes your success will come immediately. But at other times it will not. If it does take longer you can be assured that the results will be even bigger than expected provided you don’t get discouraged and give up. You must hold on to them – they will come.

One of the good things about this law of prosperity is that it forces you to be specific in order to be able to imagine the results. People often say “I want to be happy.” or “I want to have enough money to be happy.” and other non-specific statements. The Universe doesn’t know what “happy” is or what “enough money” is. You have to determine what these specific objectives are. This is where your lists come in – you’ve already created the lists. Now you get them out and start imagining that it’s all happened. You want your own business, you want a house with 5 bedrooms in xyz city, you want a two car garage (or maybe you love cars and you really want to have 3 vintage cars – so why wouldn’t you ask for a three or even a four car garage). You want to be able to write checks without having to look at the balance and not worry or live from paycheck to paycheck – that’s good but it’s even better if you put a number on that amount of money. Write down the cost of things and what you spend each month so that you imagine yourself with an income much greater than that number. That gives your mind and the universe a place to start from. But remember to keep going back and revising those lists as you remember different things. By the way – what does “financial independence” mean to you specifically.

If it seems to be taking longer than you expect, examine your thinking. It may take a lot longer for you to convince your own thinking that these things are possible. Remember that you have preconceived notions hanging out inside that mind of yours. Your imagination has a job ahead of it to convince your subconscious mind that you really can have all you want. Declare that once your mind is fully convinced (through denials, list making and repeated imaging) that prosperity will be yours. Once you break through that hard shell, there will be nothing standing in your way and prosperity will rapidly fall into your life.

Get out those lists and start imagining your success today!


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