Friday The 13th – What’s In Your Belief System?

custom_calendar_11443 It’s not even Halloween and we have a “Friday the 13th”! But fortunately it’s not also a full moon. I will tell you that the full moon does bring the “weird” out – after all those years in an Emergency Room, you can always tell when it’s a full moon by the activity in the ER. I”m sure most of you have experienced the same thing. But what about Friday the 13th (no matter what month it happens in)? What’s up with that? Interestingly, the superstition around it is found primarily since 1900. That’s not very old. But there are estimates according to Wikipedia (take that for what it’s worth) that between 17-21 MILLION people are affected by a fear of this day, making it the most feared day there fri 13th1is.

Are you affected by this and other superstitions? If so, why? When did you first become aware of any type of “issue” with Friday the 13th (or seeing black cats or walking under ladders or any other superstition we embrace)? The origin for you will be different than the origin of the person sitting next to you. Often it’s built on a story and we all know that children (and many adults) revel in stories. Often, older siblings like to torture the younger with horror stories. If told enough times and by the “right” people, then this story will become embedded in your subconscious and will become a belief. Remember  that a belief is just a thought you keep thinking over and over (Abraham-Hicks). Wouldn’t it be sad if you found out that this superstition you’ve had all these years, whether it’s about Friday the 13th or some other one, was instilled in you simply because someone kept telling you the same story over and over again?

The point is NOT to make you feel badly because you have some superstition but it’s to make you examine your beliefs closely and not be afraid to ask “where the heck did I get that idea from?” And then go deep within to see if it came from your parents, your siblings, looking_in_dug_hole_400_clr_6593 teachers, religious leaders, friends etc. You have to be willing to examine these things. But let’s say you do look closely but you can’t figure out where an idea/belief came from. Then what? Does that make it true? Not necessarily. It may mean that you just can’t remember who or what was responsible for you thinking that way. Sometimes it’s too painful to come up with the results. You then have to look at the belief and say to yourself “Do I want to continue believing that? Is that in my value system?” If so, great, just move on. If not, then we can start working on clearing the old believe and replacing it with the new belief. We have and will continue to talk more about how to do that in other posts.

But for now, try to look at today, Friday the 13th, as a great day and a day when nothing but GOOD LUCK prevails in your life. Declare everything good that happens no matter what it is! Try it and see what happens.