Take Your Own Gratitude Challenge

Especially at this time of year you hear about various “challenges” – weight is the most common one, stopping smoking, etc. People challenge themselves to do something. I think of it as a mini-goal. They realize that they haven’t been great in the past at achieving goals (not realizing that it’s probably because they weren’t set correctly – fix that with GoalSetting4You ) so they think if they can break it down into smaller bits, it will work – and you know what? It usually works much better.

But what I want you to do, is either download The Gratitude Journal if you don’t have it already installed on your PC (no MAC version) or use a paper and pen. Then make sure that for 21 or 30 days (you get to choose) you write in it every day (preferably in the evening when the day’s activities are fresh).

Why do I want you to do that?

Because it will help to create a habit AND it will improve your results from the Universe. The Law of Gratitude is one of the most important (and forgotten) laws of the Universe (you’ve heard us talk about the Universal Laws). Without Gratitude most of what you try to manifest won’t or if it does, it won’t be as complete or as consistent.

Practicing gratitude will multiply your success mightily.

Start by writing one or two things you’re grateful for – make a really concerted effort when you’ve had a particularly “bad day” – pulling those things out of the muck will elevate your vibrations and allow you to connect with the peace of the Universe much more easily – which is something you’ll need if you have a “bad day”.

What can you write about? Start with little things – here’s some examples:

“I had a whole string of green lights on the way to work or the way to pick up the kids”

“I got in a short line at the grocery store”

“I felt good today”

“Someone smiled at me”


See how simple it is?

Try it and see what happens in your world. The Gratitude Journal (I created this software program and give it away  to anyone who wants it because I think that gratitude is so important in our daily lives) has a journal section that you can put comments in daily or at the end of the week or whenever you want. That is a cool feature because you can see your progress and what the Universe blesses you with as a result of your gratitude tracking.

Comment below and tell us what’s happening with you.


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