Taking Action Is Important….Did You Take The Survey?

 Interesting results (or lack of them) from yesterday’s email and post. Some of you jumped right over and took the holiday struggle survey and I appreciate your effort.

Those people make changes in their lives because they take Action! Action is what the Universe loves. Maybe it doesn’t seem like much to you – you’re sitting there saying “how much action is there in taking a little survey?”.

More than you know. Just the fact that these folks clicked on the survey link  stimulated their brain because they actually took action on something they read, processed, and decided (key point) to do something about.

“Ok, well my action was a decision not to bother with the survey. Doesn’t that count as action?”

That’s a great question and it’s dependent on how whether or not you actually processed the information you received about the holiday struggles, decided that you didn’t have any problems with the holidays and/or didn’t need to take any action this year.

If that describes the few microseconds your mind worked after you read the email, then that’s great and you took Action.

Be honest with yourself now. Is that what happened inside your noggin? Did you really take action?

Why don’t you ask yourself these questions consciously right now:

1) Do I like or dislike the holiday season?

2) If I like it, why? What is it that makes it special for me?

3) If I don’t like it, what is it about these few weeks that
bothers me? Is it….

  •     The family all gets together and we don’t get along
  •     Everyone drinks too much and start to argue
  •     I don’t have enough time to get everything done
  •     I don’t have enough money to get ____ (fill in a name) what they want for the holiday and I feel cruddy that  I can’t get it for them.
  •     I eat too much
  •     The New Year is scary for me. I’m supposed to have developed some goals and I don’t have any and don’t know how to have a good goal
  •      Another year’s gone and wasted and I didn’t do anything with my life
  •     Etc

4) What are my feelings when I think about the Holidays?

5) Am I excited about the New Year coming and I can start anew.

6) If I’m not excited, why not?

7) Would I like to change how I feel about the holidays?

Once you have asked yourself these 7 questions, you have taken Action! Even if you don’t go take the survey (although I would really like you to – it only takes a couple of minutes and doesn’t cost anything), you have still taken action because you’ve exercised your brain.

Congratulations! Now let me know what you think about struggling – just go over and answer a few questions.

If you’re not having a great time at the holidays, we can help you.

Why Take The Survey

I’m offering coaching to help people get through the holidays. This comes in two forms: Individual coaching (via phone) and a small 3-4 week class. The class is title “Telling A Different Story To Get Through The Holidays”) and will help you look at the areas that are keeping you from having a great holiday season or feeling as spiritual as you’d like. Once you know the areas, you’ll learn the story you’re currently telling and then, most importantly, how to change that and tell a different story.

The Individual coaching option will also help you “Tell A Different Story” to make this holiday season better than ever.

I need feedback from you to know which option you want.

Take some more action by taking the survey and tell me IF you have problems with the holidays and find yourself struggling each year and then if you’d like to change that and no longer struggle.

Thanks for letting me know what’s going on with you.


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