Techniques For Becoming Financially Independent


Begin now to mentally accept the vision of financial independence for yourself and those you hold dear by filling your mind with pictures of the life you would like to lead, rather than being hypnotized by the life you seem to be leading at the moment.

Keep your high visions of financial independence to yourself. Start doing whatever little or big thing you can to help your large vision come true.

If you keep up the practice of this one simple technique, it will lead to greater prosperity and it can definitely lead to financial independence as well: The ancients believed that the number “ten” has a magic power of increase. Thus, beginning right now, whenever you think about money, whether it be income, outgo, the amount in your savings or investments – begin mentally increasing your supply by thinking of ten times that amount coming to you. This is a fascinating and fun technique for increasing your money.

For instance, look in your wallet. Suppose there is $5 there. Look at it and declare: “I give thanks that this $5 is but a symbol of the inexhaustible substance of the universe. I give thanks that ten times this much or $50 is now on its way to me and quickly manifests in perfect ways.”

Multiply every figure that presents itself to you by ten, and begin expecting the multiplied amount to come to you. In that way, you begin to think of how much you have and how much is coming, rather than the usual deadly thought that you haven’t enough.

 By multiplying everything by ten, your thinking  automatically shifts from lack to prosperity. since the mind quickly responds to definite figures, it will seem as though heaven and earth are working to propel money in your direction.

Look at the balance in your checkbook. Say $50 is there. Instead of thinking “This isn’t enough to pay the bills” change the thought to “This is but a symbol o the rich substance of the universe that is available to me. I give thanks that ten times this much, or $500 is now on its way to me and quickly manifests to meet every demand.”

When the bills begin flowing in around the first of the month, instead of thinking “This bill of $20 is much too high this month. We simply must cut down on expenses”, change the thought to “$20 is but a symbol of the rich substance of the universe that is now available to me. i give thanks that ten times this much, or $200, is now on its way to me and it quickly appears, so that every financial obligation is immediately and completely met with the rich substance of the universe.”

After multiplying your money by ten mentally, if there is financial need, it is good to go ahead sending forth whatever substance is on hand to meet it. That opens the way for the multiplied amounts to begin flowing in. The outflow makes way for the inflow.

With every financial transaction that presents itself to you, multiply it by ten, giving thanks that ten times that much is coming to you for your private use. It is the quickest, surest, most delightful way to get your degree in prosperous thinking!

Once you get in this habit you can take it even further than just the power of “ten”. Remember when you give, you invoke the power of receiving. One man gave a dollar after an inspiring lecture and said “I am giving, thereby invoking the law of receiving. I expect to receive on hundred times this amount, or $100. I give thanks that it quickly appears in perfect ways.” The next afternoon, a woman walked into his office and handed him a check and said “I do not owe you any money because i have not needed treatment from you recently. However, I am greatly impressed with the help you have been able to give several members of my family recently. they have been completely restored to health through your treatment. In appreciation i would like to share a portion of some money that recently came to me unexpectedly.” The check he insisted he accept was for $100.

What freedom this one simple technique gives you from the thought of lack, poverty and “not enough”. It completely changes your attitude to: “This is a rich universe, and there’s plenty  for you and for me.”


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